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☿Ḏαṧ Ðεüṫṧḉнтαґḓ☿

☬ Das einzige Deutschtard der Welt ☬

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17 June 1986
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Eine Rose zwischen Dornen ~ A rose among thorns

Deutschtard has been my screenname for just over four years now, and it really does fit. I don't think I would be where I am today without the music I found from Germany. Everything about Germany has fascinated me, even since I was very young, and the affinity for German things has only intensified in the past couple of years. I really don't think there's a better set of musical talents out there than in Germany(except maybe in Finland), their music does more for me than anything I've ever heard before, though Finland comes in a close second. I just really love Europe and all the things that come out of it. I love doing Literate RolePlaying, so I guess that makes me a bit of a nerd, and that's alright. Currently, I'm about halfway through my university courses, and hope to graduate with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Germanic studies. If there's anything that hasn't been mentioned in here or in my interests, please feel free to ask, I've got a lot of things I know I've left out.

"Nimm meine Hand, ich lass dich nie mehr allein. Komm tauch mit mir in die ewigkeit ein. Für Immer."~ OOMPH! Für Immer


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